Frequently Asked Questions

“I never realised what help was available until FCN listened to my problems and signposted me to the support I needed. I only wish I’d called sooner.”
— A farmer's wife from Devon

Q. What support is available?

Each of the four charities works in a different way. Between us we can provide various forms of support, depending on the nature of the problem. Everyone's situation is unique and sometimes one charity is able to help on its own, whilst at other times we work together to provide a range of solutions. That's why Farming Help exists - a 'one stop shop' to make it easy to access help.

Q. How does Farming Help work?

The first step is to call the helpline number, which will be answered by someone from FCN. You will be guided to find the support you are looking for.

Q. Can anyone apply?

As long as you are, or have been, in farming and are suffering financial or emotional difficulties, one or all of the Farming Help charities may be able to help.