Reg charity no: 1097092
Tel: 01926 620135

“Thank you for the support I received from the Addington Fund a few months ago. It was a horrendous year for us and the generous contribution that I received from you was a great help. We are not out of the woods but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel now.”

The Addington Fund is a truly unique, registered agricultural charity that provides housing, feed & forage for those in need.

The charity was originally set up to help farmers in severe financial difficulty during the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak. Since then, we have been on hand to help out as and when national and regional disasters have occurred in England & Wales. Now, the main focus of the charity is to invest in property to rent at an affordable rate to those who wish to retire or remain in their chosen location. Our aim being to fight rural depopulation and keep the countryside sustainable.

The Addington Fund provides several types of help: Strategic Rural Housing, Affordable Rural Housing and disaster relief.

Our Strategic Rural Housing Scheme buys houses to order for farmers, who have no choice but to leave their current property. This may be due to an unfortunate combination of events that they cannot recover from or the owner of the rented property wants to take back their house and land, which gives the farmer no other choice but to find somewhere else to live.

These Strategic Rural Houses are purchased to order to accommodate the needs of the tenant. When the property is ready the new tenant is able to move in discreetly with the minimum of fuss in to a house that is affordable to live in. Many of these houses are shared ownership and can ultimately be purchased outright as circumstances improve or change.

Our Affordable Housing Scheme is similar to our Strategic Rural Housing Scheme but unlike our SRHS, these properties will never be sold off and will always belong to the Addington Fund. The Affordable Rural Houses are available to anyone who has worked in any sector of the agricultural industry and are also rented out at a reduced rate to deserving candidates who wish to remain in their chosen rural environment. These include young families or people who wish to engage in rural activities.

The Addington Fund is lucky enough to receive some houses as legacies which fall within the Affordable Rural Housing sector. Sometimes it is stipulated that the Addington Fund will always keep ownership of these properties and it will not be sold. They will always be used to benefit those who wish to remain and stay in a rural environment and those who will contribute the rural economy.

Our disaster relief is given in the form of purchased goods such as; compound feeds, silage, hay, straw & straights. This is designed to protect the welfare of animals and alleviates suffering of hard-working farmers in times of natural difficulty. By sending much needed supplies direct to farm, this ensures problems are solved quickly and with minimum of fuss.  

The Addington Fund is now actively looking to set up a Young Entrant Scheme to encourage first generation farmers.

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